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Qimemun, released in February 2024 in an Afro-beat banger produced in collaboration with Digital University in Dallas, USA.

Sweet Memories, released December 2023 is produced in collaboration with Brazilian reggae producer Killahkeys.

Vol ፫, is Nhatty Man's latest self-produced album. Released in Feb 2023.

Sitota, co-written by Nhatty Man and Solomon Sisay paying tribute to the Ethio-jazz traditions of their homeland

Stream Nhatty Man's highly acclaimed album, Man Vol 2, on Spotify

Selam, meaning peace, is the debut album from Nhatty Man & Gara. Featuring four tracks in English and Amharic, the album incorporates Ethiopian roots, reggae, RnB and soul, drawing on socially conscious themes. Now available on iTUNES

Man Volume One +, is an EP follow up to the debut album as saw Nhatty Man tour internationally throughout Africa, Europe, USA and Australia. The album was released in 2012. Click album cover to stream or purchase from Bandcamp.

Man Volume One, is Nhatty Man's debut album. Released in 2011 the album was an instant sucess and propelled Nhatty's career within Ethiopia and globally. Click album cover to stream or purchase from Bandcamp.

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